Meringue Ghosts (and other ghosts)

Aha! I had to make something Halloween related guys. This is actually the first time I made meringue. I know…weird. For someone who made a lot of sweets before, I barely scraped the vast bowl of sweetness in the world. I can’t say I made the best meringues ever but they weren’t so bad. Maybe not aesthetically what I aimed for but hey we got … Continue reading Meringue Ghosts (and other ghosts)

Cookie Dough Protein balls (Finding Strength and Protein powder?)

I remember when I was deep into my baking phase I literally baked everyday and my diet consisted of tons of sugar. After all, I liked eating what I baked. I didn’t think much about health back then. I can’t say I’m such a health nut now but I’m a lot more sensible. But hey if you eat cake all day everyday, more power to … Continue reading Cookie Dough Protein balls (Finding Strength and Protein powder?)

Santa Monica Crepes

Just a short throwback post. I’m randomly going through my photos from Japan these days. Here’s a little something from the streets of Harajuku. Eating crepes in the kawaii streets have been mentioned countless of times when I read about things to do in Harajuku so I had to give in to the urge and stop by one of several crepe places dotted around the … Continue reading Santa Monica Crepes

Sweet New Zealand #33 The Roundup

  Hello hello there! Welcome to the April roundup for Sweet New Zealand. This is a link party of sweetness and deliciousness was created by blogger and food writer Alessandra Zecchini. It’s an awesome way to discover and connect with other New Zealand food bloggers.  Okiedokies! Let’s begin. First up,  Sweet NZ’s founder Alessandra made some awesome Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Pudding. It’s her homemade version … Continue reading Sweet New Zealand #33 The Roundup