Meringue Ghosts (and other ghosts)

Aha! I had to make something Halloween related guys. This is actually the first time I made meringue. I know…weird. For someone who made a lot of sweets before, I barely scraped the vast bowl of sweetness in the world. I can’t say I made the best meringues ever but they weren’t so bad. Maybe not aesthetically what I aimed for but hey we got … Continue reading Meringue Ghosts (and other ghosts)

Cake Walk

The children in the centre I work in are super into ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen. It’s one of their favourite book/songs. Check out the Youtube video here, it was awesome seeing the book’s illustrations as animated characters. Ahhh anyways we’ve been singing and reading the book during mat-times and the youngest little girl is super duper into listening to the … Continue reading Cake Walk

Kitchener Street Cafe

I’ve been reading a novel by Matthew Quick called The Good Luck of Right Now. The title came from the main character’s mom’s philosophy that good stuff and bad stuff happen simultaneously all over the world to balance each other. If you’re experiencing unfortunate events, someone somewhere in the world is experiencing good stuff in their life. The book’s protagonist also called it synchronicity as he … Continue reading Kitchener Street Cafe

Cake Pops and other sweet things…

I finally made cake pops! It’s been years and years since I first learnt about them from Bakerella but I just have so many ‘to-eat’ and ‘to-make’ lists that I only made cake pops now haha. (Procrastibaker, yes I am). So here’s how I roughly made cake pops. I figured I’ve read cake pops blog posts and watched so many Youtube videos that I can just … Continue reading Cake Pops and other sweet things…