Where Have You Been?

I’ve been away. That…is pretty obvious. But I’ve been away from the blog for good reasons. The best one is…. I went to Japan! Wooohooooo. If you follow my instagram this isn’t surprising anymore but hey~ I’m still amazed I really went to Japan. After unpacking every souvenir I got I still have that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you’re daydreaming about something … Continue reading Where Have You Been?

GAOP: Walk on By

I’m moody about shift dresses. They’re so comfortable you can sleep on it but they also tend to look like maternity dresses. “But pregnancy is beautiful, Christienne!” Yeah, whatever. I can pass for a 12-year-old sometimes (I blame the baby face and being vertically challenged) so seeing a PREGNANT teeny bopper-looking girl may be a little unnerving. There are days, though, when comfort kicks vanity’s … Continue reading GAOP: Walk on By