Random Eats: The Packaged

  I need another day between saturday and sunday, guys. Weekends are not enough, especially with an annoying cold. I have to pat myself on the back for just becoming sick now instead of in the middle of the week. Dodging bullets could be easier than dodging sickness around sick kids. Cue the winter blues. I need more vitamins. If only I craved for citrus … Continue reading Random Eats: The Packaged

Gold Ribbon

  Magandang gabi! (Good evening. If you’re reading this at a different time..well. Hello there.) I’m finally blogging about a Filipino restaurant. Yay! Filipino foods are always present in my blog because I’m Filipino and really most Filipino food gatherings consist of big feasts – how can I not blog about my own food culture? But wait… after all the restaurants I’ve blogged about in the … Continue reading Gold Ribbon

A Filipino Feast

Hello hello. Just wanted to share a feast we shared with our family friends a little while back. It was a multi-birthday bash. You know maybe I’m really using this “I blog about food” thing to just to take photos of food instead of people. Haha… I actually need prompting to take photos of people. While eating out, one of my friends actually told me … Continue reading A Filipino Feast

Sticky post

Tokwa’t Baboy

Kumusta mga kaibigan! (Hello friends!) Tokwa = Tofu, Baboy = Pork. There’s so many tofu dishes in Asian cuisine. But there’s so little in Filipino cuisine. Even though our culture was so influenced by Chinese (who have a lot of tofu love in their dishes) we don’t have much tofu in our islands. Saaaaad. But hey hey..all is not lost. I didn’t say there were no … Continue reading Tokwa’t Baboy


Maligayang Pasko! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I have a simple Christmas post for today. My fellow food bloggers have jaw droppingly awesome christmas food and recipes. I’m not much for themed food so…I have puto! Hahah. It’s Filipino steamed cake. Can’t say it’s Christmas-y but it can be for any occasion anyways. And any food you’re gonna eat in the holidays can be … Continue reading Puto