Our Growing Edge for September 2013

Food is more than just sustenance. Food is fun. Food is social. Food is an adventure. You know how books can transport you to different places? Food does that too. There is adventure in trying out a dish for the first time. Even more of an adventure when you burn something in the kitchen. What about your first foray into a new restaurant? Ticking something off the foodie bucket list? I guess this is why a lot of people start food blogs. There’s so much to share, learn and grow. Continue reading “Our Growing Edge for September 2013”

Dragon’s Gourmet in Epsom

Hello hello. Looks like I’m late again this week. What’s new? I’m officially on semester break! Yayyyy! *happy dance* Before the semester ended, my friends and I had lunch out at a nearby restaurant. We don’t usually eat out for lunch, but then again we don’t usually have a 4 hour gap in class schedules. Ugh. On the plus side, I got to try out … Continue reading Dragon’s Gourmet in Epsom

The Cookie House Club

Hello hello! Welcome to the Cookie House Club! A club dedicated to cookies and chocolates and all kinds of sweets. We pride ourselves on cutting edge patisserie engineering. We make houses so sturdy you can live in them (or you wish you could). We’ve partnered with Sweets and Brains blog to document our craft, check out our famous workers at the construction site. I finally … Continue reading The Cookie House Club