The Oldest Bakery in Korea – Lee Sung Dang

Annyeonghaseyo~ Would you like some 빵 (ppang,bread)? How about a few buns from the oldest bakery in Korea? Oooooh… That was one of the notable things I first learned about Gunsan when I first moved here. Lee Sung Dang has been in business in the same location since 1945. I first thought that the oldest bakery sounded pretty young for a country with so much … Continue reading The Oldest Bakery in Korea – Lee Sung Dang

Bits of orientation life

안녕하세요!!! So here’s the next part of my belated updates. Please excuse the mixed quality of photos…a lot of them are taken from my phone. If you follow me on instagram, I’ve already posted some of these there. Find the beginning of the adventure here. The other TaLK scholars spent three weeks in the flashy campus in Jeju for our orientation. We were well taken care … Continue reading Bits of orientation life

Random Eats: The Packaged

  I need another day between saturday and sunday, guys. Weekends are not enough, especially with an annoying cold. I have to pat myself on the back for just becoming sick now instead of in the middle of the week. Dodging bullets could be easier than dodging sickness around sick kids. Cue the winter blues. I need more vitamins. If only I craved for citrus … Continue reading Random Eats: The Packaged