Gangnam Style Korean BBQ

안녕하세요! Yes it’s really a restaurant named Gangnam Style 강남 스타일… I heard that the restaurant was there before the song – well it doesn’t really matter which came first anyway since Psy’s icon is on the restaurant sign now hahaha. The little box is a little giveaway after we finished our meal. There was a cute pluggy of a little Korean drum for my … Continue reading Gangnam Style Korean BBQ

GAOP: Fall Out Fangirl

Hello hello. Gasp! An Outfit Post has a new intro photo. Again. This time I finally drew a cartoon version of my sis and an updated version of me. My sister’s cartoon was inspired by this GAOP and her top in another GAOP. My cartoon was inspired by this GAOP. Our cartoons don’t have a lot expression because they’re supposed to be vogue-ing and also … Continue reading GAOP: Fall Out Fangirl

GAOP: Pretend Sport

Hello hello. Time for Gasp! An Outfit Post, this time with Marnelli. Pretend Sport, why? Well I’m not much of a sporty person. I wish I was but I’m just not that interested. I’d probably look wayyyyy wayyyy different if I was. Haha.. What’s a good/easy sport to get into for an indoors-y person like me? Suggestions? I’m trying to walk/jog again since it’s spring. … Continue reading GAOP: Pretend Sport