Gold Ribbon

  Magandang gabi! (Good evening. If you’re reading this at a different time..well. Hello there.) I’m finally blogging about a Filipino restaurant. Yay! Filipino foods are always present in my blog because I’m Filipino and really most Filipino food gatherings consist of big feasts – how can I not blog about my own food culture? But wait… after all the restaurants I’ve blogged about in the … Continue reading Gold Ribbon

Sticky post

Highlander Cookies

Cookies or biscuits? What do you call them? I usually call baked sweets like these cookies, and call crackers and the like biscuits. But then there’s also some stuff I’ve read where they referred to scones as biscuits. Hmm… I’m usually not concerned about these labels, I’ll eat them whatever they’re called, but I wonder if it’s bothered anyone. It reminds me of when I … Continue reading Highlander Cookies

Market Eats: Mt. Maunganui Market

Hello hello. Today’s a bit of a throwback post. During our short stay in Mt. Maunganui, half of the number of days were quite rainy and gloomy so the day the sun finally came out we decided we needed to walk around. I think it was also quite lucky that the sunday market happened on such a bright day. The sunday market was a small … Continue reading Market Eats: Mt. Maunganui Market

Chinese Lantern Festival 2014

Last weekend I went to the Chinese Lantern Festival in the city. The Lantern festival is supposed to be celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunisolar year to mark the end of Lunar New Year celebrations. Here in Auckland, it’s a long weekend full of food, stalls and performances. I haven’t been to this event in years (last time I … Continue reading Chinese Lantern Festival 2014