Bits of orientation life

안녕하세요!!! So here’s the next part of my belated updates. Please excuse the mixed quality of photos…a lot of them are taken from my phone. If you follow me on instagram, I’ve already posted some of these there. Find the beginning of the adventure here. The other TaLK scholars spent three weeks in the flashy campus in Jeju for our orientation. We were well taken care … Continue reading Bits of orientation life

Gina’s Italian Kitchen

Hello hello. Today’s post is a few weeks outdated. Hahah. A little while back after my friends and I finished our final practicum we were able to celebrate our friend’s birthday at Gina’s. Hey May if you’re reading my blog, holla from Malaysia hehe. She’s been posting a lot of her food adventures and I’m slightly jealous. Ah so anyways our dinner. It was super … Continue reading Gina’s Italian Kitchen

Random Eats!

Hello hello everyone! Hope your week’s been great. I just realised I have assignments piled up one after another and I have done scant research for them. Typical. My dad’s already kind of lectured me on being organised this morning. And look I still haven’t been posting regularly on the blog too. Awwwwwww… I’m not achieving much these days. Interestingly, I’m not panicking yet. Must … Continue reading Random Eats!