Random photos from Korea~ Four Others Under the Rainbow is back! Continue reading F.O.U.R.


FOUR: Summertime, Anytime

It isn’t long until we say auf wiedersehen to daylight that lasts until 8 in the eve, togs, lush strawberries and cherries. If you’re starting uni like me, it isn’t long till you say goodbye to free time. I’m not dreading summer’s end. I’m actually looking forward to turtleneck weather (which seems to stimulate some intellectual thinking), and seeing my digital planner filled with to do’s. And … Continue reading FOUR: Summertime, Anytime


  Every now and then in her posts, my sister mentions tidbits about her growing up, about stepping (and often tripping) towards adulthood. While I’m years behind her life experiences, I think I’m starting to feel how she feels. It’s like a gradual, subtle shift, this whole growing up business. It’s manifested in how my summer break feels drastically different from the ones that I have … Continue reading F.O.U.R

GAOP: Walk on By

I’m moody about shift dresses. They’re so comfortable you can sleep on it but they also tend to look like maternity dresses. “But pregnancy is beautiful, Christienne!” Yeah, whatever. I can pass for a 12-year-old sometimes (I blame the baby face and being vertically challenged) so seeing a PREGNANT teeny bopper-looking girl may be a little unnerving. There are days, though, when comfort kicks vanity’s … Continue reading GAOP: Walk on By

Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream

I’ve been lazy at making cookies these days. Sooo lazy that I don’t even remember when I last made shortbread cookies from scratch. All I do is open a pack – it’s so easy and non homemade shortbread is really good depending on the brand. It’s a different story when it comes to other cookies though. Commercial chocolate chip cookies are heart breaking. When I … Continue reading Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream